To know me is to love me.


About the Artist


I was born at a very early age - in Arizona, where I still live. And, no doubt, will probably still be here when I die of a very old age, if I’m lucky enough. I'm what's called an Arizona Native which would lead anyone to believe that I love the desert. However, I'm not a fan of deadly heat, dust, rock-hard dirt, brown dead stuff, tumbleweeds, and scorpions, and I have yet to paint a desert landscape.


Actually, the desert can be quite beautiful at certain times of the year, especially with its rocky and majestic mountains, and Northern Arizona can't be beat. I love the mountains that are covered with pine trees! Green stuff, ya know? I love the smell of the pines and fresh air. Arizona has got it all. Ok, enough of the travelogue.


I've always enjoyed being creative, through drawing, painting, ceramics, crafts, and dancing. I had put my painting talents aside about 20 years ago, but a couple of years ago I decided to take a portrait oil painting class at the local art center. I am fortunate to have discovered and studied under Sarah Clemens, who showed me how to paint realistic oil portraits. Unfortunately, as you can see by the photo at top right, I quickly became aware that I was allergic to some of the chemicals. So with a mask and gloves I finished my first portrait, one of my daughter, and then I moved on to water-mixable oils. Whew, I'm safe once again.


I love painting portraits, and feel I have found my passion in life. I thank God for the gift of talent he has given me. And in return, I use that talent as my gift to Him.


Art strives to express; craft strives for excellence. Good art has good craft, good craft is artistic.

Within every craft there exists artists. Within every artist there is craft.

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